Answered By: Rebecca Hedreen
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2016     Views: 401

Word will automatically indent a Works Cited or Bibliography page properly using a "hanging" indent. The first line is at the margin, and any additional lines are .5" to the right. Just type the citations without any indents, then highlight each or the whole section. You can manually drag the bottom triangle on the top ruler over .5” or use the menus:

Mac: Format>Paragraph>Indenting>Special>Hanging

Windows: Paragraph “dialog box launcher” (corner triangle)> Indenting>Special>Hanging

Word Online: (with extra links to other versions).


If it doesn't look right, make sure that you don't have any extra returns/enters/line breaks at the end of any lines within a citation (common if you copy and pasted, or if you'd tried to indent each line manually). Also check the rest of the Indentation settings--Left should be at 0" and the Special Indent should be at 0.5".