Answered By: Rebecca Hedreen
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017     Views: 56

Old links will continue to work for a while, but will probably stop working sometime during the semester.

You can contact a librarian with your current link, look the item up again to get a new link, or make the changes to the link yourself. To manually change a link, follow these steps:

  1. The current link should be in the form
    Examples: and
  2. The base URL is what you get when you remove the 0- from the front of the URL and the from the end of the "domain name" part of the URL.
    The base URLs for the examples are: and
  3. Add the "EZProxy prefix" to the front of the base URL. The EZProxy prefix is:

    Make sure you include the = at the end. The examples become: and (Click! These are live.)
  4. That's it! Test your new link. On campus, it should go directly to the resource. Off campus, it should bring up the SailPoint login (or go directly if you're already logged in through SailPoint.) 

Note: You might see the base URL given in the databases, a "Permalink," "stable link," or similar name, especially when you are on campus. You can make an "off campus" link from these by following step 3.

You may see variations of the prefix used in the address bar in some databases when you are off campus. Those links may or may not work, depending on the database--but you can certainly try them. If you don't see some variation of the prefix in the URL, however, the link definitely won't connect off campus.

If you plan to use the link in Blackboard, best practice is to test the link in several browsers, and to set the link in Blackboard to "open in a new window".