Answered By: Winnie Shyam
Last Updated: Jun 22, 2020     Views: 2

The library has a few databases you can check to see if your instrument is available: Psyctests, Psycarticles, PsycInfo, (for tests related to psychology and allied disciplines), Tests in Print with Mental Measurements Yearbook which contains information about all commercially published tests in the English language, Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI, which contains instruments about behavioral measurements). These databases are listed in alphabetical order in our databases page
 It is not always possible to find the actual questionnaire or survey - you may need to buy it from the publisher. If you do not find the actual test but find information about the person who created the instrument, you can contact them to see how you can obtain a copy of the test and for permission to use it.

Sometimes the test may be buried in research articles under the "methods" section. If you enter the name of the instrument in the search box on our library home page (, you may find research articles about the test and will need to read the methodology section. It could also be buried in a dissertation or thesis in which case you can search the Dissertations and Theses database. A Google search can sometimes bring up useful hints regarding the instrument. The bottom line is it is not always easy to find a test and there are many places you can look for it.