Answered By: Rebecca Hedreen
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015     Views: 268

Update 3/1/15: All the links should be switched over now. Look for the Find Article @ SCSU or SCSU Journal Finder links in library databases and Google Scholar. If you aren't seeing the links in Google Scholar, follow the instructions below. Let us know if you find any problems!

We are switching vendors for our journal linker which powers the Journals by Title Search on the library homepage, the Find Article @ SCSU links in the databases, and the library links in Google Scholar. The change-over is happening gradually.

In Google Scholar, both on and off campus, you'll still see the old 'Full Text at Buley Library' on the right. The new link, 'SCSU Journal Finder', is listed under 'More' beneath a Scholar result. To change the link, go to Settings (the gear icon), choose Library Links, then do a search for Southern Connecticut if there aren't already options available. Check the box for the option that includes 'SCSU Journal Finder'. You can uncheck the old option.

If you want to keep the old option, or to add additional libraries, you can add up to 5 options, but the extra ones will be hidden under the 'More' link beneath each Scholar result. (There's a citation generator in there, too!)

Within the Databases, as of the morning of Friday 1/30, most Find Article @ SCSU links are still going to the old system. These no longer have the specific 'Article' links however, just links to the journal within whatever subscription is available. The Interlibrary Loan links are also gone. Please use the journal links and search for your article by title or date, or go directly to Interlibrary Loan to place an order. Soon these links will go to the new system, which includes Article and Interlibrary Loan links. You can also use the (new) Journal Search on the Library homepage to search for a journal title, and search for an article. Interlibrary Loan links are included in the new journal search.